Health & Safety


  • The Cederberg is a malaria-free area and we have no particular health concerns here.
  • The tap water is completely drinkable (unless otherwhise stated at your accommodation).
  • We do have mosquitoes from October to April so we advise bringing insect repellent.
  • Your biggest health concern is getting sun-burnt or dehydrated so please bring sunblock & a hat.
  • Take plenty of water with you on a day excursion and especially if you are walking in the mountains. 
  • It is completely safe to refill your water bottles from the mountain streams as the water is pure. However in summer many of the streams may be dry so please don’t rely on being able to refill water bottles.
  • The Cederberg is a country area and it is Africa so insects are much more common than in Europe. It is not a sign of lack of cleanliness on the part of your lodge or guesthouse but an everyday fact of life.
  • There is a provincial hospital in Clanwilliam in case you need medical attention and several doctors in both Clanwilliam and Citrusdal.

The Cederberg is a country area and generally very safe. It is safe to enjoy a walk, bike ride or run without worry of crime. As in all parts of the world, we recommend that you are careful with your valuable belongings such as cameras and cell phones and not to leave these unattended.

There are very few places to buy food or drinkS, and most importantly, fuel outside Clanwilliam, Citrusdal and Lambertsbaai. Please ensure that you fill your tank before taking a day excursion and take a picnic lunch and plenty of water/drinks with you. There are farm stalls on the N7 highway and just outside Clanwilliam. There is also a coffee shop in Wupperthal but it is closed from Saturday afternoon to Monday morning.



Police - 027 482 8181

Hospital - 027 482 2166

Clinic - 027 482 1692

Dr. Strauss - 027 482 1629

Dr. Uys - 027 482 2111

Pharmacy - 027 482 1226

Fire Department - 027 482 1775

Ambulance - 027 482 2576

Cederberg Medical Rescuers - 10177

Veterinarian - Dr. Degenaar - Every Tuesday after 14h00 - 082 890 1181


Police - 022 921 4100 / 10111

Ambulance - 022 921 2210 / 10177

Hospital - 022 921 2133

Doctors - 022 921 2725


Police – 027 432 8260

Ambulance – 027 482 2230

Dr. Hayes & Partners – 027 432 1136

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