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to the official Cederberg tourism site - learn about the Cederberg mountains and Cederberg Wilderness area, what you can do here and where you can stay…

The Cederberg region is only two hours from Cape Town and yet the landscape is completely different: wilder, warmer with a raw, dramatic beauty. Towering mountains, brilliant purple and orange at sunset, preside over the citrus orchards in the valley, laden with the scent of orange blossom in the spring.
Enjoy the beauty of the Cederberg in your own way: walk in the mountains with not another person in sight, enjoy bouldering and climbling at Rocklands; swim in the clear mountain rock pools or marvel at the delicate Bushman rock art. Or simply relax and enjoy the exhilarating peace of this unspoilt paradise. The Cederberg has an exceptional botanical diversity, being part of the Cape Floral Kingdom of South Africa, and among the twisted rock formations, farmers cultivate the world-famous healthy rooibos tea, found only in the Cederberg of South Africa.


       Origins of the Cederberg Name

The Cederberg, or Cedarberg, as it is also often called, is named after the ancient cedar trees, distinctive snarled trees growing high in the Cederberg mountains. Many Cedar trees were harvested in the 19th century to make beautiful furniture and, more unfortunately, telegraph poles. But a few still survive.

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Originally the English name for the region was the Cedarberg and the Afrikaans name was the Sederberg. Many English-speakers still call it the Cedarberg however increasingly it is known as the Cederberg, an amalgam of both names.

       The Cederberg at the Getaway Show

Cederberg Tourism attended the recent Getaway Show in Johannesburg and it was a great success with lots of people at our stand seeing our presentation of the area and sampling products such as our Rooibos tea and related Rooibos products. The prize winner of our Cederberg Getaway competition was Trudie van Rensburg...

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Trudie and her husband have won a Four Night Getaway including 2 nights at Bushmanskloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat in the northern Cederberg, 2 nights at Ndedema Lodge in Clanwilliam, car rental from Cape Town, escorted tours when in the Cederberg and a complimentary dinner. Congratulations Trudie!

       Bushman's Cave Theatre

Bushman’s Cave Theatre has made a name for itself hosting outdoor concerts for some of the big names in Afrikaans music such as Steve Hofmeyr, Danie Niehaus, Emo Adams and Chris Chameleon. This is a stunning venue with a natural rock stage in the Agter Pakhuis region of the Cederberg close to Clanwilliam.

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Supper is included in your ticket price and there’s a cash bar. There’s plenty of accommodation in Clanwilliam which is approx 40 mins drive away, as well as camping places close by. Check out the upcoming programme at or see our events page for the major highlights. 

       Cederberg Bouldering & Climbing

Recent years have seen the explosion of bouldering in the Cederberg, especially around the Rocklands area close to Pakhuis. Every year hundreds of keen climbers descend on the Cederberg to check their skills on any one of over 1500 documented bouldering problems. This is eco-tourism at its best. The climbers bring in their bouldering crash pads on their backs and they leave only faint chalk marks on the rock, which they use to stop their hands from sweating and slipping. See our Adventure Page for more on cederberg bouldering. Even if you are not a climber, the Cederberg rocks with their strange formations are heaven for old and young - for hiking, playing on the rocks and picnics....

       Wine-tasting in the Cederberg

The Cederberg mountains are home to some of South Africa’s highest vineyards. The Cederberg Cellars falls within the Cederberg Wilderness Area and not only has a unique mountain situation but also a string of awards, including several Veritas Double Gold awards, for its ‘wines with altitude’.

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A cool continental climate coupled with north-westerly breezes in the hot Cederberg summers, several soil types, unpolluted air and clear water have made the Cederberg mountains the ideal terroir for a wide range of wines, notably its red wines. Cederberg Cellars is found in the central Cederberg on the farm Dwarsrivier, past Algeria Forest Station and over the Uitkyk pass. It is open for wine-tasting, for a nominal fee, and wine sales from Monday to Sat lunchtime. Tel 027 482 2827 for more info. You can combine a visit to the wine estate with Stadsaal Caves & bushmen’s paintings, Wolfberg cracks or Maalgat. See our Cederberg Wilderness pages for more info.

The Cederberg Cellars is not the only wine estate in the Cederberg. It is joined by Alpha-Excelsior country winery near the Pakhuis pass in the northern Cederberg as well as a number of wine estates along the Oliphants River Valley such as Royston wines near Citrusdal and Trawal winery north of Clanwilliam. Alpha Excelsior is also open for wine and olive tasting as well as wine sales. Contact them on 027 482 2700.

       Weddings in the Cederberg

The Cederberg makes a great venue for a destination wedding. Imagine getting married in the great outdoors, surrounded by dramatic rock formations and looking out over vast plains. There are many spots on offer such as Bushmans Cave, or Bushmanskloof Wilderness Reserve or Pikenierskloof Lodge.

       Birding in the Cederberg

Birdwatchers will not be disappointed in the Cederberg with the most popular birdwatching spots being the Cederberg Wilderness area, the Kranskloof valley as well as nearby Lamberts Bay on the West Coast. There are over 100 species recorded in the Cederberg Wilderness area alone including the rock kestrel and jackal buzzard.

       Rooibos Tea Experience

 Do you want a unique rooibos tea experience? Then you must visit the Rooibos Teahouse at NetMar.
We have a menu with 10 companies' different rooibosteas, leaving you with more than hundred flavoured rooibosteas!  Think about vanilla, mango, lemon, ginger, liquorice, etc. Then there are Rooibos Espresso, Rooibos Latte, Rooibos ice tea and much more. You can't pass this Rooibos Teahouse. Come and do a rooibos teatasting or pick from the menu.  We also serve delicious rooibosbaking with the rooibostea.

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 When you had a rooibostea that you fall in love with, you can buy it from the shelf.  There are also rooibosgifts to choose from.


Definitely an experience you don't want to miss.

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